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About Robotic Advantage


Robotic Advantage is a company built on innovation. We are always looking at new and emerging technologies to include in our designs. We constantly strive to change and grow in order to maximize customer satisfaction.


We got our roots in the industrial automation industry as a small division of a CNC machine distributor filling a need our customers had. Through organic, word-of-mouth growth, we received enough inquiries and requests to form a new company, so we branched off to establish ourselves as Robotic Advantage. While we continue to have sustained growth, our business practices have been put into place to ensure that the quality of our systems have not declined.

Our systems are meant to complement your machines and processes, not change them. We work with you to find a solution that minimizes the impact to your workflow while maximizing the return on your investment. We do not sell one product that your system must match―our solutions are custom-tailored to your needs and yours alone.

Why are we worth the investment?

Our robotic solutions save you time, money, and work with extreme efficiency so you know the results are of the best quality. They also help to provide employees with increased safety. By utilizing a robotic system, employees can be better protected from injuries by taking on tasks such as reducing the weight they are required to lift, or completing manual operations that may subject them to physical harm.

Robotic Advantage is also cost-effective; we do not oversell, but rather provide the solution that is needed. In other words, we won’t sell you something you don’t need, as competitors may do. Our evaluation process is in-depth and honest.

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