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DaCruz Manufacturing

DaCruz Manufacturing, based in Bristol, Connecticut, reached out to Robotic Advantage in order to automate the process of cleaning out two parts. They were currently doing this process manually and sought a solution where they could simply load in a bucket of parts and the robot would pick up and perform the cleaning operation on each part.
After cleaning, the parts would then either be placed into a bin for further processing or into a tray that is directly shipped to their end customers. DaCruz Manufacturing was looking to speed up a long, laborious process, and utilize their employees in other areas of their facility.

The project started with a site visit. Robotic Advantage President, CJ Bienia, went to DaCruz Manufacturing to observe the current manual process. After talking with employees and management, he laid out the end objectives for the cell. Taking this information back to the RA facility, he designed a system that would accomplish all of these goals.
After approval, parts for the system were ordered and the building process began. Once built and programmed, a system runoff was performed in-house and signed off by DaCruz Manufacturing. The new robotic solution was delivered and installed within their facility. Another runoff was performed to ensure that nothing was disturbed during transportation.