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Concept Design


When discussing the feasibility of the project, our first step is to draw up a very basic layout of the proposed system. These layouts are nothing more than basic, black-box designs meant to establish the footprint and overall process of the system. This not only gives you an idea of the system you will be eventually getting, but helps us understand how to best serve your needs and maximize productivity.


Upon receiving a purchase order for your project, Robotic Advantage’s next phase is to design a full 3D model of the system. Throughout this stage, we will set up design meetings with you, the client, in order to keep you involved in the process as well as uncover any design or process conflicts that may arise. Before RA purchases anything for the project, you will receive a design review outlining the layout of the cell and a Bill of Materials (BOM).

All of our design specifications and adjustments must be signed off by you as well. This ensures that the system delivered to you in the end is exactly what you are expecting. If there are robots included in the cell, we will complete a full simulation of the process. This simulation highlights the motions of the robot as well as the interactions with the proposed cell. From this, we can very accurately determine what the cycle time of the system will be.

Once you approve of the design, we will begin ordering the parts necessary to put your new system together!