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In-House Assembly and Quality Control


Your entire robotic solution will be assembled in-house, with one or more of our technicians handling and completing all mechanical assembly and field wiring. These technicians will not be bouncing between ongoing projects. Instead, they are assigned to take projects from boxes of parts to complete systems. When the system is installed and commissioned, these same technicians will be there to get it going. This ensures that they have a full understanding of your specific project and helps to decrease your downtime, as they already know how it all went together.


As part of keeping everything in-house, we have a team of software developers that will design a custom control package for your system. This gives us the ability to produce a product with all of the features that our customers are looking for. In addition, it enables us to give extremely responsive customer service. We are not hand-cuffed by having to wait for a separate developer to respond to your issues--RA offers remote service capabilities that further ensure that any downtime in your system is limited.

After the system is assembled, we take it through the quality control phase, where the system, or systems, are put through a full Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). During this phase, we encourage you to oversee the test in order to see how it functions for yourself. The systems are then tested against a testing plan, approved by you, and generated from the completed User Required Speciation (URS) document that is filled completed before every project moves out of the design phase.