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Project Evaluation


Robotic Advantage’s first step is to take an in-depth look at the process you are looking to automate. From there, we will evaluate the project’s feasibility, as not all cases will get you the ROI you are looking for. Depending on your project and needs, we can ultimately decide if our assistance will be successful or not.


For example, RA was recently contacted for a project where the customer’s parts were too small to work with for a system that would have been cost appropriate. While we could have designed a system to accomplish the task, the associated cost would not have paid off in the long run.

Similarly, another customer who had requested our services wanted a system that could handle 100 different part variations. Though the process would have been the same, once the parts were acquired by the robot, the labor needed to program, operate, and ensure the system was functioning properly with each part put the price of the whole project well outside where it would need to be in order to see a reasonable ROI.

Therefore, we will not sell you a system if it isn’t warranted.

We simply know when, at the end of the day, the customer will not be happy with the return and that is never our mission. Our company is committed to providing quality, constructive robotic solutions. If we feel a customer could succeed more without our product, we reserve the right to decline the project upon evaluation.

You will not be charged for the evaluation process for this reason. In the event that we must travel outside local, driving distance to evaluate a project, we will require the customer cover our travel and hotel costs.