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What We Do & How We Do It


Robotic Advantage provides customers with both inline-automated systems for CNC equipment as well as stand-alone cells for assembly, secondary, and inspection operations. We work in many industries,  including, but limited to, manufacturing, industrial processes, aerospace, medical, and weapons.

Our robotic solutions are intended to make your job easier by providing support to laborious and costly tasks. They reduce human error and mundane activities that would otherwise cost you and your company more, such as counting, organizing, and cleaning parts within a shorter amount of time. They can also handle dangerous assignments, hazardous material, or anything else you may need.

We often get the question, do you make custom robots? No. It’s not the robot itself that is custom. Instead, Robotic Advantage provides custom robotic solutions to manual processes that our customers have. In other words, if you approach us with a specific task in mind, we will develop a solution that incorporates different styles of commercially available robots and components that fit your specific application in order to maximize your savings.

How are we able to provide our customers with easy, affordable, and efficient robotic systems?

Our designs are created using the newest version of 3D design software. We utilize Solidworks, an engineering design software used to create and modify models related to components as well as link these components together to model the entire assembly.

Simulations can be done and are completed with vendor-specific software applications. We are able to fabricate and assemble each system thanks to our 12,000 sq. ft. facility, which includes an on-site classroom for our technicians, whose involvement in each project comes as a result of our  training program.