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Fabrication and Machining


One of the benefits of working with Robotic Advantage is how efficient our facility makes us. Thanks to our full, in-house machine shop, we are able to better manage lead times, the quality of our fabricated components, as well as drastically reduce the time and cost to make your future robotic solution.


At Robotic Advantage, we have two vertical mills, two lathes, and one centerless grinder. We also have a large capacity 3D printer for prototyping or full fabrication of parts where they are applicable. Having these resources on-site means we don’t need to send anything out to be made or modified. Machining errors, miscalculations, and miscommunications can happen, so by machining your parts in-house, errors caused by miscommunication are decreased. Anyone who has dealt with requisitions knows that manufacturing delays are common. Waiting for quick parts can be a major waste of time when they can be made in-house in moments!

It is important that we have our own machine shop because it gives us the ability to modify parts very quickly and enables us to keep the costs down on custom parts. This internal capability allows us the flexibility to quickly perform research and development as well as create a proof of concept, which mitigates risk to our customers.

Custom parts made on site are turned around in days as opposed to weeks, which would be the case if we had to ship them out to be made. If replacement or spare parts are needed by our customers, we can have them in their hands in a fraction of the time it would take to send an order out. This ensures that the downtime of the system is limited and production is not held up.